Friday, January 27, 2012

Time to start again...

After some turbulence in my personal life I am finally back in circulation. I also have started working on my art again and I have joined this year's Tangie Baxter's Art Journal Caravan as well. I might not post in the online gallery much but I love reading the forum and love going to the gallery for inspiration. Those caravaners create amazing pages. If you like to find out more about it feel free to check out this Scrapbookgraphics forum  or check out Tangie's Blog for info and inspiration. All links will open in a new window/tab!

So to begin the journey and address the first Adventure Quest of the year, I created this page for my digital art journal. It expresses some of my uncertainties and explores my goal for this year - to discover who I truly am, what I want to do and how to get there.

credits can be found here

Anyway, back to blogging.  I gave the blog a bit of a face life and hopefully here over the next few weeks some of my creations will appear and my random ramblings as well. My daughter now lives in Indiana, and I miss having a partner in crime when it comes to making art. I guess, I might have to take a few trips over this year to see her and perhaps she also will be able to come down for a weekend or so. Until such time, I am a solitary art journaler again at least here in my studio (at least that is what I am calling it *LOL*).

Anyway I guess I should show you what my studio looks like at the moment (it is always subject to change)

Below is the view towards my studio corner from the middle of my getaway room in our house:

The photo below shows my computer station where I do most of my digital art work and it also serves as my home office.
My studio is laid out like a U shape. I have two 6 foot tables in front of the window wall. Another 6 foot table holds my computer, printer and shelves for digital storage in front of a peg board filled with art and EHDs. At the other end of the 12 feet of tables is yet another 6 foot table that holds storage units on top and underneath. Behind my chair and opposite the window is a long buffet table that holds an antique library book catalog cabinet which I modified (removed the rods) and which now holds all kinds of embellishments. Beneath the table is a rolling file wagon and another table with four drawers which look like books which holds my stamps and journals.

The photo right below is the the corner view and part of one of the 6 foot tables in front of the window wall.

And down here is the view on my main work table for all things physical art. This corner also has a lap top for viewing YouTube tutorials or live streams regarding art. In addition, I really enjoy all the natural light I am getting and the view (we live sort of in the country). Occasionally I can even see deer traipse across our lawn and last year there was a doe with three (3) fawns out there.

This is the table with all the storage units
and last not least the storage behind me

Well, that concludes the tour of my little art space. It is simple, but it makes me happy. It is my corner of the world to just be, no rules, no stress and no expectations.

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