Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enjoying my day off...

I am still transferring files and probably will be doing this until this weekend. After that I will have to hook the old computer back up to get all my documents off and access my old pop email account to get important stuff off there. Once all of that is completed I will reformat the machine for my SO and we should be in business again. I will try to post on here every day, even though it is mundane things. I am hoping to establish something like a running diary if only for me to access it and be able to keep track of what is going on in my life. That probably will help my scrapping as well.

I actually watched TV this morning (something I rarely ever do) and watched the History Channel. Learned about vampires and werewolves. Yeah, I know not the most useful things to learn about. Definitely can tell it is getting towards Halloween.

Once all the file transferring and saving is done and everything is set up I am looking forward to scrapping and art journaling. Last weekend I actually paper scrapped for the first time in a long time. I had been working on paper art journal but haven't paper scrapped for almost three years now. It sort of felt weird. It took me a while to get the look I wanted and it still isn't as comfortable as digi scrapping is now. It is amazing that 6 years ago all I did was paper scrap, now my digi scrapping has certainly displaced and almost made non-existent all my paper scrapping.

It is a beautiful sunny day and the last of the glorious fall colors are blazing. Soon the last leaves will be off the trees and winter will be here. I am looking forward to it and hope that it will be snowing a lot. I must really be strange, most people I know hate snow, but I miss it. It doesn't snow enough here for my liking.

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