Monday, February 8, 2010

Time to update....

Seems it has been a bit since I last blogged. I need to be more disciplined with that if I want to use the blog as a sort of public journal. Of course there will always be a hand-written journal as well, where I will deal with the more private and difficult things in my life. But the blog will work well as a sort of daily agenda/diary if I become a little more focused and truly blog every day. Anyway, I will try to catch up and post my latest digi-journal pages.

I also recently joined Milliande's Art Community for Women which I found as I was exploring the net and watched tutorials about art journaling. I find it really comforting to know there is a place especially for women to nurture each other and each others' artistic expression. It is also a great place to find out about new techniques and learn from others in the community.

Soon I will post a list of the art supplies I have acquired since I started this journey. A far as the digital art journal is concerned I have nearly 2 TBs (that is 2000 gigabytes!) of digital material to choose from. For the paper and paint journal I have a big stash of papers and embellishments as well as basic equipment, but I had very little in the way of artist equipment, such as acrylic paints, water colors, gesso and all that other wonderful stuff. So little by little I am getting some of these supplies in order to be able to explore the various techniques and to have the materials to play *wink* Recently, I had ordered some Sharpie Poster Paint pens and they have arrived. I LOVE them! More about materials later, on to the digi-pages I have completed since I have last been here.

Week 4 had two main themes: Color and Play! In order to get in the mood for playing I tried my hand at doodling. I later found out there is actually a name for what I was doing. These things are called a zendala or zentangle :)

Then I went on to consider colors. Now I like colors, but usually more the deep, rich, dark ones. So this is really a bit out of my comfort zone, which is as it should be, after all this is supposed to stretch my artistic spirit a bit ;)

So here is my take on color:

Credits here

In Week 5 the word was "Simplify." I had a bit of a problem with that and really had to think about what that meant to me. I also created a page about myself "Simply Me"
Here they are

Credits here

and the other one

Credits here

As for my paper and paint journal, I haven't had the time this weekend to work on anything, except conceptually. I have some ideas I like to try and we will see what comes of it. However, I did start another one of the zentangles and I sketched an eye as an exercise in my sketch book. I am really trying to be creative every day and have even become inspired to pull out my knitting needles and yarn to make a nice soft head wrap.


Anonymous said...

Just happened to knock into your blog. You do beautiful work! I enjoy looking at them. I am going to link you in my little blog if you don't mind. Keeping creating!

Jackie said...

I love these pages; great work.
In response to your question, months ago (sorry!), about my page, yes I did use bubble wrap.
I have enjoyed wandering around your blog. Will visit again.