Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year...

I am choosing a word for this year which I will reflect upon, meditate with, and use as a guiding spirit in my personl growth journey. I have chosen --


This word applies to so many facets in my life that it truly will permeate everything. Here are the definitions:

--as a verb
Pronunciation: \ri-ˈlēs\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): re·leased; re·leas·ing
Etymology: Middle English relesen, from Anglo-French relesser, from Latin relaxare to relax
Date: 14th century

transitive verb
1 : to set free from restraint, confinement, or servitude ; also : to let go : dismiss
2 : to relieve from something that confines, burdens, or oppresses
3 : to give up in favor of another : relinquish
4 : to give permission for publication, performance, exhibition, or sale of; also : to make available to the public intransitive verb : to move from one's normal position (as in football or basketball) in order to assume another position or to perform a second assignment
synonyms see free

— re·leas·able \-ˈlē-sə-bəl\ adjective

-- as a noun
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English reles, from Anglo-French, from relesser
Date: 14th century

1 : relief or deliverance from sorrow, suffering, or trouble
2 a : discharge from obligation or responsibility b (1) : relinquishment of a right or claim (2) : an act by which a legal right is discharged; specifically : a conveyance of a right in lands or tenements to another having an estate in possession
3 a : the act or an instance of liberating or freeing (as from restraint) b : the act or manner of concluding a musical tone or phrase c : the act or manner of ending a sound : the movement of one or more vocal organs in quitting the position for a speech sound d : the action or manner of throwing a ball
4 : an instrument effecting a legal release
5 : the state of being freed
6 : a device adapted to hold or release a mechanism as required
7 a : the act of permitting performance or publication; also : performance, publication b : the matter released; especially : a statement prepared for the press

Citation Info:

"release." Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. 2010. Merriam-Webster Online. 1 January 2010

In addition, today the Art Journal Caravan officially takes off on our journey of artistic discovery. I am really excited to be part of this and am looking forward to each new itinerary item. I also started a writing journal/ idea book which will serve as daily focus and to collect ideas, thoughts, insights as well as answers to Maya's journal prompts.

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