Monday, December 28, 2009

I am sooo excited...

I spent the afternoon watching Teesha Moore give lessons on art journaling on YouTube videos and I am spellbound. She is amazing and yet she makes it look so easy. I can hardly wait to get started on my art journal and the journey of discovery that lies within. The more I watch and read about art journaling, the more I want to do a hybrid journal, but we will see. I have ArtRage and I will use it to digitally paint and I can scan collage items to add to my art journal.

I am so excited that I am a member of Tangie Baxter's Art Caravan {Expedition 2010}. I have been preparing for the beginning of our journey and have cleared my desk space, reorganized some of my supplies, created a writing journal to jot down ideas and thoughts, quotes and other memorable stuff which I would like to incorporate in my art journal. This is a new adventure in many ways, and I believe I am much better prepared this time, then when I attempted this last year. I am sure that having a group of people who explore their creativity and weekly "assignments" will make this journey a memorable and enjoyable one.

Now all I have to remember is that there are no rules, that it is okay to color outside the lines and that experimentation is not only okay but welcome. I can feel my muses gathering at one end of my desk, looking at me with amusement in their eyes and softly chuckling as they contemplate the path they will lead me on.

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