Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year

Well, we made it back from our mini vacation. It was a very enjoyable trip and Belle behaved admirably. Today was my first day back at work after our winter holiday and I accomplished quite a bit. I imported my roster and made sure the Newsweek delivery is set up. So with a bit of luck my students will have everything they need. I am still working on Blackboard content but hope to have that up and running tomorrow.I am hoping the class will have fun and enjoy the many activities I have planned for this semester. Using Newsweek will be an interesting experience and hopefully it will give my students an incentive to learn and explore on their own.

The New York Times carried an article today about Saddam Hussein's execution. It appears that the Iraqi government proposes an inquiry into the conduct surrounding the execution. I still don't believe that killing a human being is the answer to the problems, in fact I think it can only lead to an escalation of violence. I am sure that Iraq will be one of the discussion topics in class considering the ongoing war. Violence only seems to breed more violence, it never solves anything. My heart goes out to those who serve our country and the Iraqi civilians who live with daily violence. They too are mothers, fathers and children and all humans bleed red. One can only hope that future generations will find a way to deal with problems in a more humane and ultimately more reasonable way. War is certainly not the answer!

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