Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Creating every day...

So far I have been able to keep my goal of creating something every day. Last night I altered a sturdy cardboard box with lid to hold more art supplies, and tonight I have created another digital art journal page. I really enjoyed  how this page came together; it was effortless and just flowed. I did not over think this one and just let my right brain bypass my left one. No rationalizing, no critiquing, no "you can't do that" but simply allow my spirit to take over and create. I rather like the outcome :)

Credits can be found here

I have been extremely busy at work these last few days and will probably continue to be so for another two weeks, because I am giving a ton of workshops. I found that coming home and playing with my art supplies or even digitally allows me to relax and to wind down. My daughter and I will have an art day on Saturday, when she is planning on coming to my house. I really enjoy having a studio where there is room for both of us to work side by side and share all the art supplies I have. She is currently working on an altered Alice in Wonderland gateway book and I just work on whatever my heart desires.

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