Thursday, December 23, 2010

Change of Plans...

My son just called to let me know that they will be arriving in the morning, not tonight as they had originally planned. It appears he had a bit of trouble with his car and needed to get a few things fixed. I hope everything will be alright because after they visit with us, they are going on to WV to visit with her parents.

On the bright side, everything is ready for a nice Christmas, the turkey is thawed and ready for the oven tomorrow. I do enjoy that we are celebrating the 24th instead of the 25th. I am looking forward to having my kids here with me for Christmas, and of course Leeric as well. I am just hoping everyone is enjoying themselves and the company of each other.

David is making cabbage lasagna tonight, something we have not had for quite some time, so it will be extra special. He also baked a carrot cake for the festivities tomorrow and did all the shopping and cleaning upstairs. I cleaned up the downstairs and got it ready for company, which appears now to have been an unnecessary step.

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