Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Adventure begins

Also I am somewhat of a computer geek I am fairly new to blogging, besides reading other people's blogs of course ;-)
Hmm, where to begin?
With time I am hoping to have some of my scrap layouts here and a lively discussion about anything that comes to mind. I am a literature major, so from time to time I am going to go off on a tangent and talk about my favorite authors (trust me, there are tons of them) and genres. I am also a science fiction fan and can't resist medieval mysteries either.
Although I write a lot (sort of an occupational hazard with English majors), I find myself grappling for something to say. Strange, isn't it?? Well, I am sure after the first few posts it will become easier.
With Christmas fast approaching I am looking forward to some peace and quiet. After all the hustle of shopping, decorating, and last minute preparations I am off work until the new year. Time to smell the roses, or the apple cider, or the hot mulled wine....oops here I go off on a tangent again *LOL* Did I mention, I also love to cook and what better time then the holidays to cook and enjoy food.
Well folks this is it for tonight, I can hear my pillow calling my name. Talk to you soon!!

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